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The Industrial Associates Program

Florian presents at Industrial Associates Program

The Institute of Optics has a long tradition of interacting with companies and corporations through research collaborations, consulting arrangements, work in professional societies, and a variety of informal exchanges.

The Industrial Associates Program, established in 1974, provides a formal framework for maintaining and nurturing this historical relationship between industry and The Institute. 

Resources are required for all research and educational programs, and the membership income derived from the Industrial Associates Program plays a critical role in the overall operation of The Institute.

The income from the program's membership fees is used for important expenditures for which other sources of funds are either insufficient or unavailable. For example, recruitment of top graduate students and purchases of specialized laboratory equipment are made possible with these funds.

Since the overwhelming majority of our students enter the work force after graduating, industries clearly benefit when they participate in the Industrial Associates Program. It is equally beneficial to industry when our educational programs can expose students to state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and measurement techniques. It is no exaggeration to say that our educational program could not continue its service to Optics without a strong Industrial Associates Program.

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