Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Institute of Optics

Bachelor of Science Degree (Effective Fall 2013)

This list reflects recent curriculum changes.  Classes that are no longer offered are lined out.

OPT 197 Geo-Optics Laboratory (2 credits)
OPT 198 Physical Optics Laboratory (2 credits)
OPT 199 Instrumentation Laboratory (2 credits)
OPT 204 Sources and Detectors Lab (effective Spring 2014)
OPT 211 Computational Methods in Optics & Physics 
OPT 223 Quantum Theory of Optics 
OPT 224 Fundamentals of Lasers
OPT 225 Optical Sources and Detectors (effective Spring 2014)
OPT 226 Optoelectronics I (Class of 2014 only)
OPT 241 Geometrical Optics 
OPT 242 Aberrations and Testing 
OPT 256 Comprehensive Optics Laboratory (Class of 2014 only)
OPT 261 Interference & Diffraction 
OPT 262 Electromagnetic Theory 
OPT 287 Math Methods in Optics and Physics 

Capstone Courses for BS in Optical Engineering

OPT 310 Senior Design I
OPT 311 Senior Design II

Capstone Courses for BS in Optics

OPT 320 Senior Thesis I
OPT 321 Senior Thesis II

Foundation Requirements for either degree

(General) Degree Foundation Requirements

And a total of 129 credits

Major & Minor