Anand Kumar Jha

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Effects of atmospheric turbulence on the entanglement of spatial two-qubit states
Anand Kumar Jha, Glenn A. Tyler, and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review A 81,053832(2010) View PDF

Spatial two-photon coherence of the entangled field produced by down-conversion using a partially spatially coherent pump beam
Anand Kumar Jha, and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review A 81,013828(2010) View PDF

Angular Two-Photon Interference and Angular Two-Qubit States
Anand Kumar Jha, Jonathan Leach, Barry Jack, Sonja Franke-Arnold, Stephen M. Barnett, Robert W. Boyd, and Miles J. Padgett
Physical Review Letters 104, 010501 (2010) View PDF

Violation of a Bell inequality in two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state-spaces
J. Leach, B. Jack, J.Romero, M.Ritsch-Marte, R.W. Boyd, A.K. Jha, S.M. Barnett, S. Franke-Arnold and M. J. Padgett
Optics Express 17(10), 8287-8293 (2009) View PDF

Exploring Energy-Time Entanglement Using Geometric Phase
Anand Kumar Jha, Mehul Malik, and Robert W. Boyd
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 180405 (2008) View PDF

Fourier relationship between the angle and angular momentum of entangled photons
A. K. Jha, B. Jack, E. Yao, J. Leach, R. W. Boyd, G. S. Buller, S. M. Barnett, S. Franke-Arnold, and M. J. Padgett
Phys. Rev. A 78, 043810 (2008) View PDF

Propagation of quantum states of light through absorbing and amplifying media
Robert W. Boyd, Girish S. Agarwal, Kam Wai Clifford Chan, Anand Kumar Jha, and Malcolm N. O'Sullivan
Optics Communications, Vol. 281, 3732-3738 (2008). View PDF

Temporal coherence and indistinguishability in two-photon interference effects
Anand Kumar Jha, Malcolm N. O'Sullivan, Kam Wai Clifford Chan, and Robert W. Boyd
Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 77, 021801 (2008). View PDF