George Fischer

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"Nonlinear-optical response of porous-glass-based composite materials"
Russell J. Gehr, George L. Fischer, Robert W. Boyd
JOSA B, Vol. 14 Issue 9 Page 2310 (1997)
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"Cancellation of photoinduced absorption in metal nanoparticle composites through a counterintuitive consequence of local field effects"
David D. Smith, George Fischer, Robert W. Boyd, Don A. Gregory
JOSA B, Vol. 14 Issue 7 Page 1625 (1997)
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"Nonlinear-optical Christiansen filter as an optical power limiter"
George L. Fischer, Robert W. Boyd, Thomas R. Moore, J. E. Sipe
Optics Letters, Vol. 21 Issue 20 Page 1643 (1996)
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"Nonlinear optical response of layered composite materials"
R. J. Gehr, G. L. Fischer, R. W. Boyd, and J. E. Sipe
Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 53, 2792-2798 (1996)
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