George M. Gehring

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Reducing pulse distortion in fast-light pulse propagation through an erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Heedeuk Shin, Aaron Schweinsberg, George Gehring, Katie Schwertz, Hye Jeong Chang, Robert W. Boyd, Q-Han Park and Daniel J. Gauthier
Optics Letters, Vol. 32 No. 8, p.906-908 (2007). View PDF

Coupled-resonator-induced transparency in a fiber system
D. D. Smith, N.N. Lepeshkin, A. Schweinsberg, G. Gehring, R.W. Boyd, Q-H. Park, H. Chang and D.J. Jackson
Optics Communications 264, p.163-168 (2006). View PDF

Observation of Backwards Pulse Propagation Through a Medium with a Negative Group Velocity
George M. Gehring, Aaron Schweinsberg, Christopher Barsi, Natalie Kostinski and Robert W. Boyd
Science, Vol. 312, p895, May 2006. View Abstract and Full Text