John Heebner

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"Enhanced linear and nonlinear optical phase response of AlGaAs microring resonators"
John E. Heebner, Nick N. Lepeshkin, Aaron Schweinsberg, G. W. Wicks, and Robert W. Boyd, Rohit Grover, P.-T. Ho
Opt. Lett. 29, 769 (2004) View PDF

"Optical Transmission Characterisitics of Fiber Ring Resonators"
J. E. Heebner, V. Wong, A. Schweinsberg, R. W. Boyd, and D. J. Jackson
IEEE J. of Quant. Elec., 726 (2004) View PDF

"Strong Dispersive and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Microresonator-Modified Optical Waveguides"
John E. Heebner and Robert W. Boyd
Laser Resonators and Beam Control VI, Alexis V. Kudryashow, Alan H. Paxton, Editors,
Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 4969 (2003) View PDF

"Nanofabrication of optical structures and devices for photonics and biophotonics"
R. W. Boyd, J. E. Heebner, N. N. Lepeshkin, Q.-H. Park, A. Schweinsberg, G W. Wicks, et al
Journal of Modern Optics, Vol. 50, 2543 (2003) View PDF

"`Slow’ and `fast’ light in resonator-coupled waveguides"
John E. Heebner and Robert W. Boyd
Journal of Modern Optics, vol. 49, no. 14 (2002) View PDF

"Gap solitons is a two-channel microresonator structure,"
Suresh Pereira, J. E. Sipe, John E. Heebner, and Robert W. Boyd,
Optics Letters, Vol. 27, No. 7 (1 April 2002). View PDF

"SCISSOR Solitons and other novel propagation effects in microresonator modified waveguides,"
John E. Heebner and Robert W. Boyd,
JOSA B, No.4, April 2002. View PDF

"Beyond the absorption-limited nonlinear phase shift with microring resonators,"
Steve Blair, John E. Heebner, and Robert W. Boyd,
Optics Letters, Vol. 27, No. 5 (1 March 2002). View PDF

"Sensitive Disk-Resonator Photonic Biosensor,"
Robert W. Boyd and John E. Heebner,
Applied Optics, Vol 40, No. 31 (1 Nov 2001) View PDF

"Photorefractive optical recycling for contrast enhancement,"
John E. Heebner and Robert W. Boyd,
Opt. Comm. 182, 243 (2000). View PDF

"Conversion of unpolarized light to polarized light with greater than 50% efficiency by photorefractive two-beam coupling,"
John E. Heebner, Ryan S. Bennink, Robert W. Boyd, and R. A. Fisher,
Opt. Lett. 25, 257 (2000). View PDF

"Enhanced all-optical switching by use of a nonlinear fiber ring resonator,"
John Heebner and Robert W. Boyd,
Opt. Lett. 24, 847 (1999). View PDF

"Slow light, induced dispersion, enhanced nonlinearity, and optical solitons in a resonator-array waveguide,"
John E. Heebner, Robert W. Boyd, and Q-Han Park,
Phy. Rev. E, Vol. 65, 036619 (2002). View PDF