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"Room Temperature Single-Photon Source: Single-Dye Molecule Fluorescence in Liquid Crystal Host"
Svetlana G. Lukishova, Ansgar W. Schmid, Andrew J. McNamara, Robert W. Boyd and Carlos R. Stroud
IEEE Quantum Electronics, Vol. 9, 1512 (2003)
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"Strong Dispersive and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Microresonator-Modified Optical Waveguides"
John E. Heebner and Robert W. Boyd
Laser Resonators and Beam Control VI, Alexis V. Kudryashow, Alan H. Paxton, Editors,
Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 4969 (2003) View PDF

"Nanofabrication of optical structures and devices for photonics and biophotonics"
R. W. Boyd, J. E. Heebner, N. N. Lepeshkin, Q.-H. Park, A. Schweinsberg, G W. Wicks, et al
Journal of Modern Optics, Vol. 50, 2543 (2003) View PDF

"Novel Photonic Materials for Advanced Imaging Applications"
Robert W. Boyd
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol. 43, 603 (October 2003) View PDF

"Thirteen pump-probe resonances of the sodium D1 lines"
Vincent Wong, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Ryan S. Bennink, and Alberto M. Marino
Physical Review A, Vol. 68, Article 012502 (July 2003) View PDF

"Superluminal and Slow Light Propagation in a Room-Temperature Solid"
Matthew S. Bigelow, Nick N. Lepeshkin,and Robert W. Boyd
Science, Vol. 301, (11 July 2003) View Article

"Influence of damping on the vanishing of the linear electro-optic effect in chiral isotropic media"
G. S. Agarwal and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review A, Vol. 67, Article 043821 (29 April 2003) View PDF

"Observation of Ultraslow Light Propagation in a Ruby Crystal at Room Temperature"
Matthew S. Bigelow, Nick N. Lepeshkin,and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review Letters, Vol. 90, No. 11 (21 March 2003) View PDF