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Controlling the Velocity of Light Pulses
R.W. Boyd, and D. J. Gauthier
Science 326, 1074 (2009) View PDF

Surface-plasmon polaritons on metal-dielectric nanocomposite films
Z. Shi, G. Piredda, A. C. Liapis, M. A. Nelson, L. Novotny, and R. W. Boyd
Opt. Lett. 34(22), 3535-3537 (2009) View PDF

High-order thermal ghost imaging
Kam Wai Clifford Chan, Malcolm N. O'Sullivan, and Robert W. Boyd
Opt. Lett. 34(21), 3343-3345 (2009) View PDF

Slow and fast light: fundamentals and applications
R.W. Boyd
J. Mod. Opt. 56(18), 1908-1915 (2009) View PDF

Violation of a Bell inequality in two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state-spaces
J. Leach, B. Jack, J.Romero, M.Ritsch-Marte, R.W. Boyd, A.K. Jha, S.M. Barnett, S. Franke-Arnold and M. J. Padgett
Optics Express 17(10), 8287-8293 (2009) View PDF

Reducing pulse distortion in fast-light pulse propagation through an erbium-doped fiber amplifier using a mutually incoherent background field
Heedeuk Shin, Aaron Schweinsberg, and Robert W. Boyd
Optics Communications 282, 2085-2087 (2009) View PDF

Organic photonic bandgap microcavities doped with semiconductor nanocrystals for room-temperature on-demand single-photon sources
S.vetlana G. Lukishova, L. J. Bissell, V. M. Menon, N. Valappil, M. A. Hahn, C. M. Evans, B. Zimmerman, T. D. Krauss, C. R. Stroud Jr, and R. W. Boyd
J. Mod. Opt. 56(2), 167-174 (2009) View PDF

Observation of a Microscopic Cascaded Contribution to the Fifth-Order Nonlinear Susceptibility
Ksenia Dolgaleva, Heedeuk Shin, and Robert W. Boyd
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 103, 113902 (2009) View PDF

Robust organic lasers comprising glassy-cholesteric pentafluorene doped with a red-emitting oligofluorene
Simon K. H. Wei, Shaw H. Chen, Ksenia Dolgaleva, Svetlana G. Lukishova, and Robert W. Boyd
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 94, 041111 (2009) View PDF

Discriminating orthogonal single-photon images
Curtis J. Broadbent, Petros Zerom, Heedeuk Shin, John C. Howell, and Robert W. Boyd1,
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 79, 033802 (2009) View PDF

Influence of atmospheric turbulence on the propagation of quantum states of light carrying orbital angular momentum
Glenn A. Tyler and Robert W. Boyd
Opt. Lett. 34(2), 142-144 (2009) View PDF

The effects of local fields on laser gain for layered and Maxwell Garnett composite materials
Ksenia Dolgaleva, Robert W. Boyd, and PeterWMilonni
J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 11, 024002 (2009) View PDF

Discretely tunable optical packet delays using channelized slow light
Zhimin Shi and Robert W. Boyd
Phys. Rev. A 79, 013805 (2009) View PDF