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Heralded single-photon partial coherence
P. Ben Dixon, Gregory Howland, Mehul Malik, David J. Starling, R. W. Boyd, and John C. Howell
Physical Review A 82,023801(2010) View PDF

Quantum Ghost Image Identification with Correlated Photon Pairs
Mehul Malik, Heedeuk Shin, Malcolm O¡¯Sullivan, Petros Zerom, and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review Letters 104, 163602 (2010) View PDF

Effects of atmospheric turbulence on the entanglement of spatial two-qubit states
Anand Kumar Jha, Glenn A. Tyler, and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review A 81,053832(2010) View PDF

Spatial two-photon coherence of the entangled field produced by down-conversion using a partially spatially coherent pump beam
Anand Kumar Jha, and Robert W. Boyd
Physical Review A 81,013828(2010) View PDF

Angular Two-Photon Interference and Angular Two-Qubit States
Anand Kumar Jha, Jonathan Leach, Barry Jack, Sonja Franke-Arnold, Stephen M. Barnett, Robert W. Boyd, and Miles J. Padgett
Physical Review Letters 104, 010501 (2010) View PDF