Aaron Schweinsberg

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Wide-Bandwidth, Tunable, Multiple-Pulse-Width Optical Delays Using Slow Light in Cesium Vapor
Ryan M. Camacho, Michael V. Pack, John C. Howell, Aaron Schweinsberg and Robert W. Boyd
Phy. Rev. Lett. 98, 153601 (2007). View PDF

An environmental sensor based on an integrated optical whispering gallery mode disk resonator
Aaron Schweinsberg, Sandrine HocdŽe, Nick N. Lepeshkin, Robert W. Boyd, Christopher Chase, Julie E. Fajardo
Sens. Actuators B: Chem. in press, (2006). View PDF

Reducing pulse distortion in fast-light pulse propagation through an erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Heedeuk Shin, Aaron Schweinsberg, George Gehring, Katie Schwertz, Hye Jeong Chang, Robert W. Boyd, Q-Han Park and Daniel J. Gauthier
Optics Letters, Vol. 32 No. 8, p.906-908 (2007). View PDF

Coupled-resonator-induced transparency in a fiber system
D. D. Smith, N.N. Lepeshkin, A. Schweinsberg, G. Gehring, R.W. Boyd, Q-H. Park, H. Chang and D.J. Jackson
Optics Communications 264, p.163-168 (2006). View PDF

Observation of Backwards Pulse Propagation Through a Medium with a Negative Group Velocity
George M. Gehring, Aaron Schweinsberg, Christopher Barsi, Natalie Kostinski and Robert W. Boyd
Science, Vol. 312, p895, May 2006. View Abstract and Full Text

Observation of superluminal and slow light propagation in erbium-doped optical fiber
A. Schweinsberg, N. N. Lepeshkin, M. S. Bigelow, R. W. Boyd and S. Jarabo
Europhys. Lett., 73 (2), pp. 218–224 (2006). View PDF

"Tunable All-Optical Delays via Brillouin Slow Light in an Optical Fiber"
Y. Okawachi, M.S. Bigelow, J.E. Sharping, Z. Zhu, A. Schweinsberg, D.J. Gautheir
R.W. Boyd, and A.L. Gaeta
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 153902 (2005) View PDF

"Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Response of One-Dimensional Metal-Dielectric Photonic Crystals"
Nick N. Lepeshkin, Aaron Schweinsberg, Giovanni Piredda, Ryan S. Bennink, and Robert W. Boyd
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 123902 (2004) View PDF

"Enhanced linear and nonlinear optical phase response of AlGaAs microring resonators"
John E. Heebner, Nick N. Lepeshkin, Aaron Schweinsberg, G. W. Wicks, and Robert W. Boyd, Rohit Grover, P.-T. Ho
Opt. Lett. 29, 769 (2004) View PDF

"Optical Transmission Characterisitics of Fiber Ring Resonators"
J. E. Heebner, V. Wong, A. Schweinsberg, R. W. Boyd, and D. J. Jackson
IEEE J. of Quant. Elec., 726 (2004) View PDF

"Nanofabrication of optical structures and devices for photonics and biophotonics"
R. W. Boyd, J. E. Heebner, N. N. Lepeshkin, Q.-H. Park, A. Schweinsberg, G W. Wicks, et al
Journal of Modern Optics, Vol. 50, 2543 (2003) View PDF