Vincent Wong

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"Transfer of amplitude and phase modulation to a different wavelength using coherently prepared sodium vapor"
Ryan S. Bennink, Alberto M. Marino, Vincent Wong, Robert W. Boyd, and C. R. Stroud, Jr.
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 72, 023827 (2005) View PDF

"Optical Transmission Characterisitics of Fiber Ring Resonators"
J. E. Heebner, V. Wong, A. Schweinsberg, R. W. Boyd, and D. J. Jackson
IEEE J. of Quant. Elec., 726 (2004) View PDF

"Thirteen pump-probe resonances of the sodium D1 lines"
Vincent Wong, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Ryan S. Bennink, and Alberto M. Marino
Physical Review A, Vol. 68, Article 012502 (July 2003) View PDF

"Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor,"
Ryan S. Bennink, Vincent Wong, Alberto M. Marino, David L. Aronstein, Robert W. Boyd, and Daniel J. Gauthier,
Physical Review Letters, Vol. 88, No. 11 (18 March 2002). View PDF

"Absorptionless self-phase-modulation via dark-state electromagnetically induced transparency,"
Vincent Wong, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Ryan S. Bennink, David L. Aronstein and Q-Han Park,
Phys. Rev. A 65, 013810 (2001). View PDF

"Enhanced self-action effects by electromagnetically induced transparency in the two-level atom,"
Ryan S. Bennink, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Jr., and Vincent Wong,
Phys. Rev. A 63, 033804 (2001). View PDF