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About Us

Founded in 1929 as the first Optics education program in the United States of America by a grant from Kodak and Bausch and Lomb, The Institute of Optics is an academic department in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at The University of Rochester. The purpose of The Institute of Optics is to educate the next generation of leaders in the field of Optics.

The mission of The Institute of Optics is to provide the finest educational and research experience in Optical Physics, Applied Optics and Optical Engineering. The Institute grants undergraduate, masters and PhD degrees in Optics. The Institute of Optics has granted over 2400 degrees in Optics, approximately half of all degrees awarded in Optics in the United States.

Faculty and Staff at The Institute of Optics are fully dedicated to providing a challenging and enjoyable educational experience in the broad field of Optics, through rigorous academic instruction, laboratory exercises, informal events, and networking.

Since 1962, The Institute of Optics has presented The Optics Summer Short Course Series , a collection short courses ranging from fundamentals to advanced topics in Optical Science and Engineering. The lectures are presented by national leaders in Optics from the The Institute and around the country.

Since 1974, The Institute of Optics has maintained an Industrial Associates Program. Currently, over 20 companies are members. They participate with The Institute in many ways, particularly during the two meetings per year that are typically held in October and April.

The Institute of Optics currently occupies all of the Wilmot Building, and in addition, shares the new Goergen Hall with the Biomedical Engineering Department.

About Us