The Institute of Optics



Govind P. Agrawal

Agrawal, Govind P.

James C. Wyant Professor of Optics
Professor of Physics
Senior Scientist at LLE | (585) 275-4846
515 Goergen Hall

Interests: Fiber Optics; Lasers; Optical Communications

Miguel A. Alonso

Alonso, Miguel A.

Associate Professor of Optics | (585) 275-7227
213 Wilmot Building

Interests: Mathematical Models of Wave Propagation

Julie Bentley

Bentley, Julie

Associate Professor of Optics | (585) 273-1687
407 Goergen Hall

Interests: Optical Design; Engineering

Andrew J. Berger

Berger, Andrew J.

Associate Professor of Optics
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering | (585) 273-4724
405 Goergen Hall

Interests: Medical Optics

Nicholas P. Bigelow

Bigelow, Nicholas P.

Lee A. DuBridge Professor of Physics
Professor of Optics

Chair of Faculty Senate | (585) 275-8549
312 Bausch & Lomb

Interests: Quantum Optics; Quantum Physics

Robert Boyd

Boyd, Robert

Professor of Optics
Professor of Physics | (585) 275-2329
308 Wilmot Building

Interests: Nonlinear Optics

Photo of Jake Bromage

Bromage, Jake

Associate Professor of Optics
Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Laser Technology Development at LLE | (585) 273-5105
270A LLE

Interests: Ultrafast and ultra-intense lasers, optical parametric amplification, and laser diagnostics

Thomas G. Brown

Brown, Thomas G.

Professor of Optics | (585) 275-7816
516 Goergen Hall

Interests: Optoelectronics

Joseph H. Eberly

Eberly, Joseph H.

Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics
Professor of Optics | (585) 275-4576
321 Bausch & Lomb

Interests: Quantum Optics

Jonathan D. Ellis

Ellis, Jonathan D.

Assistant Professor of Optics and Mechanical Engineering | (585) 275-4950
215 Hopeman

Interests: Metrology Instruments

James R. Fienup

Fienup, James R.

Robert E. Hopkins Professor of Optics
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor in the Center for Visual Science
Senior Scientist at LLE | (585) 275-8009
410 Wilmot Building

Interests: Image Reconstruction; Wave Front Sensing

Thomas Foster

Foster, Thomas

Professor of Imaging Sciences
Professor of Optics
Professor of Physics | (585) 275-1347
3-5333 Medical Center

Interests: Medical Optics; Photodynamic Therapy

Nicholas George

George, Nicholas

Emeritus Professor of Optics

Interests: Physical Optics; Imaging

Chunlei Guo

Guo, Chunlei

Professor of Optics | (585) 275-2134
419 Wilmot Building

Interests: High Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions; Ultrafast Phenomena

Photograph of John Howell

Howell, John C.

Professor of Physics and Optics | (585) 275-0538
310 Bausch and Lomb Building

Interests: Quantum Optics; Quantum Physics

Wayne H. Knox

Knox, Wayne H.

Professor of Optics and Physics
Senior Scientist at LLE | (585) 273-5520
113 Wilmot Building

Todd D. Krauss

Krauss, Todd D.

Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Optics | (585) 275-5093
465 Hutchinson

Interests: Nanoscale Materials and Devices

Photo of Jen Kruschwitz

Kruschwitz, Jennifer D. T.

Assistant Professor of Optics | (585) 276-7823
509 Wilmot Building

Interests: Optical Interference Coatings and Color

Photograph of Brian Kruschwitz

Kruschwitz, Brian

Associate Professor of Optics
Senior Scientist, LLE | (585) 273-5104
Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Interests: High energy and high power laser systems; Optical systems; Adaptive optics; Laser diagnostics

Qiang Lin

Lin, Qiang

Assistant Professor of Optics and Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-3799
342 Hopeman

Interests: Nanophotonic Devices; Physics and Applications

John Marciante

Marciante, John

Associate Professor of Optics | (585) 273-4737
514 Goergen Hall

Interests: Lasers; Waveguides; Fiber Optics

Duncan T. Moore

Moore, Duncan T.

Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Professor in Optical Engineering Science
Professor of Optics
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Professor of Business Administration in the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration | (585) 275-5248
409A Goergen Hall

Interests: Optical Engineering; Lens Design & Manufacturing; Gradient-Index Optics

Jannick Rolland

Rolland, Jannick

Brian J. Thompson Professor of Optical Engineering
Professor of Optics and Biomedical Engineering
Professor in the Center for Visual Science

Director of R.E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design & Engineering
Director of NSF/IUCRC: Center for Freeform Optics | (585) 273-4040
505 Goergen Hall

Interests: Optical System Design; Instrumentation and System Engineering; Optical Coherence Tomography; Head Worn Displays

Carlos R. Stroud, Jr.

Stroud, Carlos R., Jr.

Professor of Optics
Professor of Physics | (585) 275-2598
312 Wilmot Building

Interests: Quantum Optics

Photo of Brian Thompson

Thompson, Brian

Emeritus Professor of Optics
Provost Emeritus

Nick Vamivakas

Vamivakas, Nick

Assistant Professor of Quantum Optics & Quantum Physics | (585) 275-2089
214 Wilmot Building

Interests: Quantum Optics; Quantum Physics

Gary W. Wicks

Wicks, Gary W.

Professor of Optics | (585) 275-4867
109A Wilmot Building

Interests: Molecular Beam Epitaxy; Semiconductor Optoelectronics

David R. Williams

Williams, David R.

William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics
Professor of Optics
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Professor of Ophthalmology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Dean for Research in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Director of the Center for Visual Science | (585) 275-8672
270 Meliora Hall

Interests: The Human Visual System; Physiological Optics

Emil Wolf

Wolf, Emil

Wilson Professor of Optical Physics
Professor of Optics | (585) 275-4397
307A Bausch & Lomb

Interests: Physical Optics; Coherence Theory

Geunyoung Yoon

Yoon, Geunyoung

Associate Professor of Optics | (585) 273-4998
G-3184 Medical Center

Interests: Biomedical and Visual Optics; Adaptive Optics

Xi-Cheng Zhang

Zhang, Xi-Cheng

M. Parker Givens Professor of Optics
Director of the Institute of Optics | (585) 275-0333
113 Wilmot Building

Interests: Photonic Quantum Information Systems; Nonlinear Optics; Laser Physics; TeraHertz Waves

Jonathan D. Zuegel

Zuegel, Jonathan D.

Professor of Optics
Director, Laser Development and Engineering Division of LLE
Senior Scientist, LLE | (585) 275-4425
278 Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Interests: Solid-State Lasers; Nonlinear Optics; Electro-Optics; Laser Diagnostics